Frozen Throne picks up where WarCraft 3 left off. The single player campaign acts like an introduction to many of the new units and heroes, continuing the story of three of the four playable races of WarCraft 3 (the Night Elves, the Humans, and the Undead), while introducing a fifth race for use in the campaign. The story moves forward with the typical excellence we have come to expect from Blizzard. An additional bonus campaign highlights the Orcs, so fans of the greenskins will have some single-player goodness as well.

Each of the races gets many new units and heroes, filling in some of the weaknesses of each of the races, while managing to remain well balanced.

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Several new hero units are also available: The Shadow Hunter arrives to help out the Orcs. In answer to this, the Humans can now field the Blood Mage, a fire-based hero with the ability to summon a Phoenix, a flying unit capable of being reborn again and again. The Undead bring forth a Crypt Lord hero. Finally, the Night Elves gain the Warden hero. In addition to the new units for each race, some more neutral heroes and units are introduced, including a “fifth race” playable within the single-player campaign. Several new buildings are also introduced, including a “market building” for each of the races, allowing heroes to purchase potions, scrolls, and other useful goodies.

Graphics, sound, and gameplay are the same high quality as in the original. The music is superb, the voice acting uniformly excellent, and the between- and in-mission cutscenes are very well done.

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