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Doom 3 Review

The third instalment is basically a remake of the original Doom, with small changes in the story. You play as a nameless space marine on a mission to Mars and end up fighting the forces of Hell. People are turned into zombies and everywhere there are demons and scary creatures. Your job is to piece together everything and figure out what's going on.

After landing on Mars, You are allowed some time to roam around the facility. These opening areas are real eye-pleasers - teaming with details. Here you learn how to interact with other characters and items. The core game play is still based on a run and gun setup. While the original doom was a fast paced shooting game, Doom 3 is a methodically paced shooter. The game offers 27 intense levels. The controls are vintage id stuff - simple, slick and easy. Doom 3, like most modern shooters sports some realistic physics and is handled very well.

Doom 3 by ID Software

Enemies you'll face are very impressive and wonderfully animated. Almost all of the old doom favourites are here with a number of even nastier looking new ones. The enemy AI is so exquisitely dumb. Some of your foes will use rudimentary tactics against you. But in general they all follow a predictable pattern - and before long you begin to see that it's not surprising or scary any more. You will know when enemies are coming and how to dodge or avoid damage.

Doom 3 is still based on the game play mechanics found in the now very dated original. The multiplayer included in the game is below average by today's standards. And yet the quality of the presentation truly is remarkable. The graphics in the game are second to none. But the game play structure is very much at odds with the game's ultra realistic looks.

doom 3 cheats

  • god God Mode 

  • give all All weapons with ammo, health and armor 

  • noclip Walk through solid objects 

  • aviDemo Saves a demo of your playing to an movie file 

  • benchmark Game Benchmark 

  • doomhell Skip all levels to last 

  • freeze Freeze all on screen 

  • gfxinfo Graphicscard information 

  • notarget Invisibility to most enemies 

  • give weapon_machinegun Machinegun 

  • give weapon_shotgun Shotgun 

  • give weapon_plasmagun Plasmagun 

  • give weapon_bfg BFG 

  • give weapon_chainsaw Chainsaw 

  • give weapon_rocketlauncher give weapon_rocketlauncher 

  • status Your game status 

  • com_showfps 1 Draws your Framerate. 

  • kill Commit suicide 

  • killmonsters Kills all Monsters 

  • give ammo Max Ammo 

  • give health Max Health 

  • give weapon_chaingun Chaingun 

  • pm_thirdperson 1 3rd Person View ON 

  • pm_thirdperson 0 3rd Person View OFF 

  • g_showplayershadow shadow during singleplayer. 

  • give pda Gives PDAs of the level you're in. 

  • give berserk Berserk mode 

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